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If you want more excitement in the area of your love life, then stainless steel cockrings might be something to consider. These are rings that are placed around the base of the penis. They offer several benefits for both the man and the woman.

One of the noticeable things about this kind of ring is that the man experiences a longer erection. It could also be somewhat harder than usual. Some men aren’t able to keep an erection for a long period of time. This will enhance that experience, making the sexual encounter pleasing for both people involved. The way that the ring makes the penis harder for a longer time is by keeping the blood flow in the penis itself.

Another thing that some men find hard to control is ejaculation. The ring can help with premature scenarios. When the man is able to last longer, it can often lead to a sensual experience that is enjoyed by both people as the man is able to last as long as the woman in most cases. Another benefit is the intensity of the sexual experience. The man is able to become more in tune with the penis as the blood flow is present in one area of the body. He is able to concentrate more on the sensation, which can make the man able to please the woman in a way that might not be done without the ring.

Women who are looking for a way to experience a little more pleasure will enjoy the ring. She can often feel the ring as the man is wearing it during the encounter. Stainless steel rings often have a firm and somewhat cooling sensation. There are rings that have small vibrators on them for more of a pleasing experience while being used.

Silicone breast forms are ideal for men looking to bring out their feminine side. Breast forms, also colorfully known as “chicken cutlets” and “falsies”, were once made of rigid materials, upholstered or filled with fluid. These were fine in their own time, but technology has improved, and with technology, so have more glamorous accessories, including the accessories meant to shape the figure. Silicone breast forms provide a natural weight and feel, allowing them to look appropriate under any outfit and boost the confidence of the wearer, who will be able to feel the weight and move accordingly, improving their posture and gait. They’re the best option for getting in touch with the girly because they feel exactly how they should when worn. Silicone breast forms for men from are a great place to start for someone looking to fill out a dress for a night on the town, a costume party, or even a show. Silicone breast forms are generally superior to other types, and they’re the best available option for men looking to glam it up on a part-time basis. Different models can be partially adhered, held in place with mild suction, or simply held firmly in place by a bra for the evening. Used often by professionals, performers and occasional crossdressers, they’re also more than suitable for someone who just wants to really nail a Halloween costume!

I must admit that I am a blowjob junkie. No not giving them (ha ha) but watching them being given. And getting them, but those don’t come as often as I would like. It really gets me off to see some super smoking hot babe, getting a huge cock all the way down her throat. The deeper, the better. I also love to see that pre-cum oozing out of her mouth and down her chin. A big sloppy, wet mess. Mmm. That just good deep throat action.
That’s where comes in! This shit is the shit. It’s exactly what I love to see.
Not only is the site awesome in its blowjob goodness, but it’s also part of a network of sites that you also get access to. There is so much to see and do on these sites, it keeps my busy when I want to get down with a marathon jerk off session.
Pretty faces getting some balls deep, face fucking, is what it’s all about. And it’s what I’m all about as well.
So if you’re into these kinds of hard-hitting blow jobs, like I am, you are going to need to check this site out on the double.  Make sure to browse through the trailers and for sure check out other sites within their network. They have some great content on them and a bunch of them are blowjob related as well (1000 facials, Share My Cock, I love Monster Cocks, just to name a few.)
Be sure to give Throated a look right now.

Among my internet travels and searches for the
hottest adult toys that websites have to offer, I stumbled across an awesome
Dildo site called Hot G Vibe!

This site has got a ton of great items that will tantalize and titillate your
senses beyond belief.
Among all the fantastic items they offer, one Sex Toy that caught my eye was one
Vibrator that they called the “Sea Horse Triple Area Vibrator”.

Wow! My panties got wet just seeing that wonderful little machine. This looks
like the answer to all my sexual dreams. I placed an order and can’t wait to
tickle every fancy I have. (A write up and review of that little gem will follow shortly.)

After browsing around the site a while, I noticed that they also have a HotGVibve
affiliate program as well.
Perhaps I’ll gong that and sell them here on the site. Nothing like spreading
the love around.

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